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About CSPi

Healthcare organizations trust CSPi to protect their critical PHI data and other critical assets from data breaches. Our award winning ARIA SDS solution works across any environment, on-prem and in the public cloud, to protect patient records and other high-value business data - no matter how it’s accessed or used. ARIA provides a simple cost-effective approach to solve the complexities of verifying and stopping threats in the network traffic, applying polices to protect critical assets while also providing the reporting and auditing needed for irrefutable proof of HIPPA compliance. Learn more about CSPi security solutions at www.cspi.com/security
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ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence Application

Healthcare organizations trust CSPi to protect their critical PHI data by making security tools like SIEMs, UEBA and N-IPS, more effective at detecting network born threats. Our award winning ARIA SDS Packet Intelligence provides a full view of all network traffic, including east-west, to monitor PHI data, enables encryption of PHI, and provides the ability to take automated action to stop threats as detected. This level of protection is critical for assuring HIPPA compliance.