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About RavenDB

Hibernating Rhinos, a global provider of database infrastructure solutions, empowers Fortune 500 companies and enterprises across the globe to process online transactions through an open source platform. RavenDB is the industry’s first fully-transactional, NoSQL ACID database that combines scalability, high-availability, speed, and performance. The company produces two ORM tools, NHibernate and Entity Framework Profilers, that inspect, analyze and suggest improvements to database access patterns in applications. Hibernating Rhinos is headquartered in Hadera, Israel with offices in the U.S. and Poland and extends its reach through over 1500 plus customers worldwide. For more information about RavenDB, visit https://ravendb.net/.
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  • Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery > Document and Image Storage & Recovery
  • Health Information Management > Data Warehousing/Mining Clinical
  • Outsourcing Solutions > Complete IT
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) > SaaS (Software as a Service)